I am so grateful to Wynne for introducing me to NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback. As a long time meditator, I thought I pretty much had a handle on my stresses, but I was intrigued with Neurofeedback and wanted to give it a try. If I had not moved, I probably would have had more than the 10 sessions I had. They are so relaxing and the benefits of clarity and relaxation have made a huge difference in how I cope with stress in my life. I would recommend neurofeedback to everyone!

Donette Morris

I became involved with Wynne on a professional basis as she was gracious enough to assist me during a major illness. She is one of the most compassionate, giving, dedicated professionals in her field that I have ever known. Due to an intestinal development, I must exercise caution as to how and what I eat. It would do me well to maintain these changes for the rest of my life. Wynne is not only an expert on Nutrition, but also recognizes the importance of enjoying FOOD! She is teaching me how to make certain that the joy in food, the joy in my body, the joy in eating -since I will do that for the rest of my life- remains, or even expands. She has listened to, advised and coached me and I feel that I will always be able to turn to her for advice and information. I would be delighted to speak to you personally to attest to her assistance. I encourage you to trust in her.

(Chana) Leslie Landsberg

I have been working with Wynne on eating psychology for several weeks via video chat. She is a supportive and patient coach who has helped me to boost my confidence. My anxiety has been less, and I’m experiencing more joy. She encourages me to get outside of my comfort zone in the quest to achieve my goals.

Amy W.

I saw Wynne several times for neurofeedback sessions and I also got a lot out of talking with her. She is articulate, kind, gentle, super intelligent, observant, intuitive, open and honest. She will not just tell you what you want to hear. She has a beautiful presence and is someone I respect.

Archer T.

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